December 28, 2007

More Sketches

More from my sketchbook. These were taken as studies from Mike Mattesi's "Force" book. I highly recommend this book to anyone involved with human figure drawing. This book is a gem! Happy New Year!!!

I'm Back!!!

Sorry I've been away for so long. But I'm back!! I have a couple of life drawings to show you. Here they are!!

October 30, 2007

Sweeties (Finally!)

Well friends!! I did it!! Two nights painting and here's the result (sorry for taking me so long to post it here). Oh, and by the way, it was delivered on time.. Thanks!!

October 14, 2007

Which One?

Sorry for my delay on posting, but I've been working like hell lately. This is a pencil study for an e-Magazine illustration. It will be painted in oils, hopefully until Friday, because that's my deadline. What.. did I say Friday?? Oh my.... Gotta run! (Thanks Mariana!!)

September 26, 2007

Hot Links List 1

Hello everybody. These links are of some of the coolest guys and blogs I know of. Check it out and enjoy it (a lot)!!!

Juan Pablo Lopez:

Bógar Chancay:

Jörn Gebert:

Nacho Molina:


I'll post more links soon. See ya!

Yoga Class

This is a drawing of my wife, nine months pregnant, on an Yoga Class.

September 13, 2007

The Lord of the Rings

Hi Friends! This is a painting I did in one of the classes I teach. From a Liv Tyler's photograph, it took me three hours to paint it, from blank canvas to the painting you now see; no pencil drawing underneath. The purpose being the organization of the planes and proportion of the face. See you next post!

September 10, 2007

My New Website

Hi folks! It's been a while since my last post. I'm working on a couple of projects at the same time which is preventing me from updating my blog (also preventing me from sleeping, eating, going out, and everything else [somebody bring me some food pleeeease!!!!!]).
But I (somehow) found some time to build my new (and definitive, I hope) website/portfolio.
You can check it out at: . See you there. And don't forget to sign my Guestbook! Cheers!!
PS: expect new image posts here soon.

August 25, 2007

My Studio

Hello friends! I thought it would be nice to share with you some details of my studio. It's a very light place (don't be mistaken, I took the pictures at night), with large windows, well ventilated. The only drawback are the sunny days. Sometimes it gets hotter than hell!! But even on sunny days it's a very pleasant place to work. It's here I spend most of my hours, mostly at night and weekends. If I have a large drawing to do I use the bigger easel. If it's too small I will use the smaller easel. Well, that's it. Welcome to my studio!!

On this picture you can see my main easel (I have 4). It's a big, sturdy, heavy, stable easel that holds canvas up to 3 meters high. At left, my table with my (clean) pallete, a selection of my brushes, paper towel, paints; laying on the back of my easel are some canvases and panels; at right another (smaller) easel I use for sketches and smaller paintings.

This is a close up of my table, and you can see a couple of books I'm using for reference, my Palmtop (where would I be without it!), and the cable tv control (where would I be without it!!).

August 20, 2007

Ricardo Guimaraes' Illustrations

Hello friends!! I'm glad to announce that I just published 8 of my (portfolio) illustrations at Castle Magazine #11 (September issue). It's a wonderful German online magazine about Illustration, Art & Design. You can download it at (pdf). It's free, so what are you waiting for!!

July 23, 2007

Blue Light

Long time and only sketches! Well, this one is (just) finished. I hope you enjoy it!

July 17, 2007


More wierdos from my sketchbook!!


You never know what you may find!!

July 5, 2007

Geeky Sketchbook

Here's another one from my sketchbook: a few head studies from imagination. See ya!

June 27, 2007

June 24, 2007

Head Study

A study for a portrait commission.

Sorolla's Self Portrait

This is a study of 'Joaquin Sorolla's Self Portait', the great Spanish painter.


Since I'm involved in a couple of projects and not being able to post very regularly, I'll post some images from my sketchbook (there's always something new on it).

June 10, 2007

Head Studies

These are a few head sketches I did a while ago. There is more on the way!!

June 1, 2007

First Words

This is the first of a series about that project I mentioned a while ago about people who are "crazy about books". (Thanks Patrícia!!)

May 19, 2007

Treasure Hunters

Another group. This time it's a family of Treasure Hunters. I'll much probably still work on this piece. I'll post as I update. Hope you enjoy it!

May 13, 2007


I've been studying some ways to simplify my drawings, getting them cleaner, but yet trying to keep the anatomy fairly detailed. This image is another attempt.

May 10, 2007


I thought about doing a warrior ready for action (happy about it indeed). This is the image I came up with..

May 4, 2007


Another funny mice!!!!!!!!

May 1, 2007

Coffee Break

There's nothing like a Coffee Break!!

April 17, 2007

Hi Everybody!!

I know I haven't posted very regurlarly as I promised, but I ask you to please be patient. I'm involved in a lot of projects and with little time to post. Whenever I have some free time I'll post several pictures at once to make it up. Thanks for coming!!

March 30, 2007


These are the head studies for Ulysses, an old bloodhound.

March 29, 2007

New Job!!!

Two weeks and no posts... I'm really sorry but I was working on several projects at the same time. This is another job I got this week. It's an illustration for a theatre play project about the tales of the french writer Guy de Maupassant.

March 13, 2007

First Sketches

This is the first sketch of the Zodiac Signs characters commission: Sagittarius. He will certainly be modified, so I'll update as I change it.

See ya next Tuesday!!

February 27, 2007

New Commissions

Well, here we go! I'm currently working on two different commissions. One is to illustrate the zodiac signs, and the other to create images with the subject "Crazy About Books", for people who love to read. Let's see what happens..

February 25, 2007

New Posts Every Tuesday

Hi! I'll post new stuff every Tuesday on my blog, so keep checking!!

February 23, 2007

Welcome Everybody

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'll try to update the posts as often as possible. Thank you for joining me!