October 14, 2007

Which One?

Sorry for my delay on posting, but I've been working like hell lately. This is a pencil study for an e-Magazine illustration. It will be painted in oils, hopefully until Friday, because that's my deadline. What.. did I say Friday?? Oh my.... Gotta run! (Thanks Mariana!!)



Hey man, We are waiting the colour version because the pencil is great, all sweet.

caroline said...

Ohhh, it's so sweet!
It came out great Master!
You're going to paint your ass off this week, but I know you'll make it! It's really hard to make the food look believable, but you did it! The cake looks really yummy...
And, by the way, I'll hang on to that super hero sketch I told you about....hauahauhauhauha

Jörn Gebert said...

Man it's great, Ricardo. Can't wait for oil-version (even though i just finished a diet, hope the sweeties doesn't look too yummy)
And you remember me in working on canvas: I will start right now (but with acryl). Perhaps i'm ready on friday too.
Good luck and success with your Painting. Greetings

sylv1K said...

hello ricardo, very nice picture , i really want to see it in color,because the pencil study is already beautiful!!and thanks for your comments on my blog, it's always a pleasure to read them..good luck for the paint my friend!!

Mariana said...

Hey!That's me.Oh what a wonderful,fantastic study *O* I loved it and it was an honour to be your model (but let's tell the truth,never you would find a model so cute and perfect like me).



bog_art said...

I would love to see it done.. I had my first oil aproximation the last week.. and I hated it.. haha.. I know you will do an amazing job with this ladie..

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

My Friends!!
Thank you so much for your comments and support.

Pedro: Thanks man. I love to do pencil drawings!!

Carol: You are absolutely right about what you said about my week, and I also think drawing/painting food is really tough. Let's see what comes out.

Jörn: I'll think about a diet version of this picture specially for you. Man, I'm so lousy with acrylics.. They dry too fast to me.. Best luck to you my friend!!

Sylv1k: Thanks. I hope I can make it on time!! And about your blog, the pleasure is mine!!

MARIANA!!: Thank you so very much for being my model. Thank you for your words and you're right. Where would I find a model so stylish like you?? You're UNIQUE!!

Bog: The first time I painted in oils I tought that I'd never paint again because everything went so wrong dude. Stick to it. You're a great artist and I'm sure you'll master it in very few attempts. Thanks for your words my friend!!

Gringo said...

Saludos de Ecuador..

Nice drawing, and I hope you meet the deadline! But please help in something that I don't understand - how do you present the still wet painting to a client? or do you use fast drying mediums while you paint?
I'll be keeping an eye on your work!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hey Gringo!! Thanks!! I also hope I meet the deadline (this will be a loooong night!! haha). In this case, Gringo, since this is an eletronic Magazine all I have to do is to take a very good picture of the painting, and send via e-mail as a High Resolution image (usually tiff or eps, but in some cases jpeg are acceptable). But I always use Liquin from winsor & Newton (alkyd resin) that dries the painting in about four to five hours (and it is much safer than cobalt drier). Hope this helps, dude!!

Nacho said...

ñam ñam, delicious draw Ricardo... menos mal que vuelves a actualizar!!!

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL drawing! Absolutely outstanding! Thank you for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hello friends!!

Nacho: Thanks dude! Hope you like the final version!!

Angela: You're always so kind!! Thanks for your comments and for being around!

Juampa said...


I didn´t have enought time for comment your amazing drawn until now!! It´s amazing dude!!and i´m sure that the oil version will be extraordinary as well.

Thanks a lot for share your gorgeous art and enjoy with the colour process.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Juan!! No problem dude. I understand because I'm also busy these days! Thanks for your comment and the painting is already finished. I'm only wairting for the approval of the magazine to post it here!!! Best!!

Tici said...

first of all, notice that:
"No problem, DUDE" hauhauauauhu
kiddin' teacheer XP

owww riick! mari's soooo cute! :) you really sculpted her in the paper!

man, the candies are so realistic that I went to the kitchen to grab a bar of chocolate the moment I saw them hahaha..really!

I miss you all :(
(isn't "saudades" more powerfull and simple to write? ��)
nha, I need to see you and congratulate you personally!
I tried, but I'm full of stuff to do..damn..
but relax, I'm gonna visit you soon, it's a promise! eheh

congratulations rick, you deserve every compliment ;*****

Rafael Velasquez said...


Ricardo said...

Tici: You are soo sweet!!! We all miss you too!! Thanks for showing up and for your comment. You're special! And please, come to visit us as soon as you can. XP!!!

Rafael: Thanks!

Jörn Gebert said...

Ey Ricardo, where it is? I'm getting hungry!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hey Jörn!! I'm (still) waiting for the magazine approval. I'll post here as soon as I can my friend!!

Carol Cruz said...

Congratulations Ricardo,
you've managed to keep all your students posting in english...
Finally the damn dictionary came to some use.
By the way, is there class on friday? It's a holiday you know, keep me informed so I can reschedule class...Kisses!!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Huahuahua!! Now my classes will be in english too!! Just kidding!! No classes on Friday Carol!!