August 25, 2007

My Studio

Hello friends! I thought it would be nice to share with you some details of my studio. It's a very light place (don't be mistaken, I took the pictures at night), with large windows, well ventilated. The only drawback are the sunny days. Sometimes it gets hotter than hell!! But even on sunny days it's a very pleasant place to work. It's here I spend most of my hours, mostly at night and weekends. If I have a large drawing to do I use the bigger easel. If it's too small I will use the smaller easel. Well, that's it. Welcome to my studio!!

On this picture you can see my main easel (I have 4). It's a big, sturdy, heavy, stable easel that holds canvas up to 3 meters high. At left, my table with my (clean) pallete, a selection of my brushes, paper towel, paints; laying on the back of my easel are some canvases and panels; at right another (smaller) easel I use for sketches and smaller paintings.

This is a close up of my table, and you can see a couple of books I'm using for reference, my Palmtop (where would I be without it!), and the cable tv control (where would I be without it!!).


Nacho said...

jajaja That arranged you it have, mine this one done a disaster... dry paintbrushes, quite spotted, an authentic disaster!!!Because of it, lats weeks I have painted with computer and wacom... its cleaner and you dirty less :D.
Regards my friend!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I LOVE it! How wonderful! It's just astounding to me to see other artist's studio's. Wonderful, wonderful post!

bog_art said...

You have a really nice studio.. I just work in front of my computer or in a desk.. haha..

Jörn G Punkt said...

Nice Studio, Ricardo, i happy to see so much analog artist material. Thanx for comment and linking, i will do as well. Greetz

Juampa said...

Amazing studio Ricardo!! And Thnx for your invitation as well.