August 7, 2007

Things to Come


sylv1K said...

thanks for your comment,this picture is very beautiful, very expressive too, i like it very much!!very nice!!:)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! She's sooo cute! The little bow in her hair gives her gender away. Her facial expression is wonderful! Great work! *HUGS*

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great work, I love how you captured the light in the eyes adds life to the whole drawing.

bog_art said...

You have a great blog here!!.. congratulations!!..

cosmic clown said...

Lovely work all over....cute and sweet.....nice sketches.....:0)
all the best....

Juampa said...


I like your way of give shadows, The expression of the child is amazing!!

Great as allways dude!

Jörn G Punkt said...

This is great. minimalistic style, you dont need much to show lots, very impressive ... and cute

Leonardo Alannis said...


how is everything?

This a very cute baby,
The eyes are very lively.

Do you like football?

I am excited the world cup is returning to Brasil in 2014. Are you going to go?

Of course you are!

I am planning to go, maybe we can go see some of the games and you can introduce me to some brasileiras?

Take care