October 30, 2007

Sweeties (Finally!)

Well friends!! I did it!! Two nights painting and here's the result (sorry for taking me so long to post it here). Oh, and by the way, it was delivered on time.. Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

aha!fantastic painting xD you really did it well and I´m very proud *O*


Anonymous said...

aha!fantastic painting!you really did it well and I´m very proud *O*


Igor Pessoa said...

Amazing as always, and the model couldn't be better

Carol Cruz said...

Damn that cheesecake!
Yummy...Richard, real cool you know that already...
Mariana looks so tempted It puts a smile on my face as I play closer attention to the details!

bog_art said...

Great job!!.. I would like to use the oils as you do..

Karin Kolln said...

Very nice, Ricardo!!! You can definitely draw and paint. The dainties look so real that make me hungry.


tici said...

yeeeeey! \o/

damn this candies ¬¬
you really wan't us to get fat, don't you??!
yeah, cause you don't think we can handle staying in the computer after seing this pictures, right?

beautiful, teacher! ;)

miss you all

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Thanks everybody for coming!!

Anonymous (Mariana!): You're the best!! This wouldn't be possible without your help!! Thank you so very much!!

Igor: Thanks buddy! I agree about the model!!

Carol: I painted the candies thinking about eating them! Hahaha! Thanks Carol!

Bog: Thanks my friend! I wish I did many things the way you do. Your art is great!!

Karin: Thanks for visisting and for your comment. Well, I'm definitely trying! Thanks for showing up!!

Tici: I'm definitely getting fat! Hahaha. You're sweet!!

Nacho said...

ñam ñam in colours XD

Fred Studart said...
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Jörn Gebert said...

Greeat Ricardo, great painting. Her facial expression is distinguished (in fact like mine), as if she couldn't wait for eating it all and the sweeties are looking really delicious (and thats difficult)
Now i'm hungry, Ricardo, i go have some chocolate-donuts (eating-not painting)and afterwards i practice with oil.

Alex said...

Aeee, olha so, finalmente entrei no seu site, hahaha
Por que voces todos falam em ingles?
bando de doido!
Maneiro desenho/pintura Ricardo :)

Fred Studart said...

Great artwork man!
It looks like a 40's Saturday Evening Post's illustration.
But you have your own minimalistic yet complex, elegant style! Very skillful.
You are a good teacher dude. Keep up the excelent work.

Juampa said...

Wow Ricardo!!

This post is spectacular!! only two nights painting!!

You´re great my friend!!! the food on the table is amazing.


Alexiev said...

Hu... la expresión de la muchacha exedida de peso es increible... se le van los ojos por la comida... muy buen trabajo... felicitaciones... ¿se entiende mi español? espero que si ya que el portugues lo entiendo perfecto...

Alexiev Store

Anonymous said...

Great painting! She looks wonderful in color! I love her facial expression! *HUGS*

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hello Friends!!

Nacho: Hahaha! Ñam ñam is great. Thanks my friend!

Jörn: I had many candies during this painting Jörn! Hahaha.. Thanks!

Alex: Todo mundo é doido mesmo!! Valeu pelo comentário!

Freddy: Thanks my friend!! You're a great student too. Thanks for showing up.

Juampa: Thank you very much my friend!! The food was the hardest part to paint!

Alexiev: Muchas gracias!! I also understand spanish pretty well. Thanks for your comment dude!

Angela: You're always so kind. I'm truly glad to see you comments on every post of mine. It's my pleasure!!

Gon said...

Excelente trabalho, valeram bem as duas noites de pintura!