September 26, 2007

Hot Links List 1

Hello everybody. These links are of some of the coolest guys and blogs I know of. Check it out and enjoy it (a lot)!!!

Juan Pablo Lopez:

Bógar Chancay:

Jörn Gebert:

Nacho Molina:


I'll post more links soon. See ya!


Nacho said...

I am really thrilled by this post. thank you very much ricardo

sylv1K said...

thanks very much ricardo!!

Juampa said...

Thnx Ricardo!!

It´s an honour to share the position with these great artists.

thnx again and please excuse my english ;)!

Jörn Gebert said...

Thank you so much Ricardo, it's too much reputation for me, but it feels good! See ya

bog_art said...

It is all an honour to be in your hot list!!.. Although I think my art is still young to be there.. Thanks a lot Ricardo..

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

I am the one which is honored my friends. I'm only doing justice. Thanks for sharing your art!! Best!


Thanks for the great links. There are very interesting works in your blog .


Fred Studart said...

Great links bro!