April 11, 2009

Undead Demon Dinosaur

The idea was to create an Undead Demon Dinosaur. Yep, this was a very strange week!! Hope you enjoy!!


stranded said...

Wow!! I have been away for some weeks and everything is sciencefiction!! This zombisaurus is brilliant!! :D congrats!! :D cool

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Thanks!! Yeah! I'm trying to orient my work more and more towards fantasy and sci-fi!! I really love it!! Thanks for coming back. Missed you!!

Marco Caradonna said...

Hhi Ricardo,
I like a lot your zombisaurs(nice name)especially attitude, it seems aggressive and menacing
Maybe you could boost his undead feature, i don't know, making his skin rotting for example, it seems too clean and well kept if you understand me, otherwise is very good
I answer about your mail request here: i'm gonna take some photos of the magazine if you like, they'll not be as good looking as scannered ones but it's just a starter before the main isn't?
If for you is ok(or not) please let me know and i'll try to do the best
Well now i'm going to bed(here are nearly 6 30am urghh!!
See you on Artorder soon man

Francisco Martins said...

Sem palavras, Ricardo! Está muito muito bom...excelente! Adoro!

Francisco Martins

Fred Studart said...

This is mind blowing!
Now you officially have to work to a major international publisher in a short term otherwise I'll hunt you down and break your legs.
This one looks simple yet elegant and this is a very strong composition.
No kidding man, better than LOTS of competent professional folks.

Felipe Campos said...

Oi Ricardo! Meus parabéns pelos belíssimos trabalhos! Já são referência pra mim, tenha certeza.

Marco Caradonna said...

hey Ricardo,
hope i can see you on Artorder for this week Skethground(challenge#2-:Boll Deevil),
we miss togeheter#1:)
A part form jokes,everything is all right?
Let me know

GhettoFab said...

Love the results of a strange week! Great Illustration Ricardo!

bog_art said...

I would love to have an extrange week for drawing somthing like this.. lol.. as always, amazing work!.. and well, just the body was made with mouse.. haha..

PS: Congratulations for being in ImagineFX!

Amanda said...

Agora eu tenho blog! MARA!!!

Rodrigo Lara said...

Putzz esse Dino ficou invejável (no bom sentido é claro rsrsr) exelente trabalho man!!!

Grande abraço