April 5, 2009


Hi! This week's concept is a Bromide. Here's a bit of the description: "This is a humanoid 'civilized' race.. They come in various 'weights', but tend to be tall, thin and agile. While not a very aggressive society, they have developed weapons and a intricate form of martial arms that utilizes their natural weapons. The Bromide race should be a plant based, or plant influenced race."

Well, a lot went on this. I imagined his past story and created the basic shapes as follows: The spiritual fire on top of their heads begins short after birth. At first pale orange, it grows redder as the Bromide grows. As adults, they don't show any signs of old age, except for the fire becoming paler and finally extinguishing itself on death. They age much slower than humans and they lifespan exceeds our on many decades. The natural weapon they posses are the powerful tendrils coming from the back of their arms (sharing the triceps tendon) and they use it to many tasks, including battle, and grabbing, much like spider monkey's prehensile tail. I had a great time doing this one. Hope you enjoy!

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Marco said...

Hi Ricardo!!
thanks for your comment, i appreciated it a lot.
I think that one of the best thing of Artorder blogsite is to give possibility to artist to meet each others and share opinion feedback etc
So now you understand why i was a little bit surprised(and honored)to see a comment from you
I'm very sad to have miss this weekly Sketchground deadline, but you can imagine than somethimes be an aspiring game artist could be a matter you have to deal with(i work as a waiter in the meanwhile, so free time is often a luxury)
Anyhow i like your weekly piece(his indian styled knife and his armor), but it's purely a matter of personal taste i'd like more without background, i mean, i know you've chosen background color carefully, but it seems to me that they drive watcher attention far away the main figure
Don't be afraid we'll meet on Artorder next week :)