April 8, 2009


Hi folks! My work will be showcased at May's issue (released yesterday, on April 7th) of "ImagineFX Fantasy and Sci-Fi Digital Art". If you're not acquainted with this magazine yet I strongly suggest you do. It's one of the most (if not 'THE' most) amazing publication of the genre, full of articles, interviews and galleries, besides having some very useful information of the illustration market (and wonderful DVD's on each issue!). Go check it out!!


Ren Moraes said...

Again , Congratulations , Ricardo !

You are really worth of appear in such great magazine

Keep Rocking !!!

Marco Caradonna said...

Hey Ricardo you anticipated me!
I bought Imagefx yesterday!
I've seen your profileon that amaz ing magazine and i feel very happy for you!!
For sure is a honor and then even a good place to show your works!!
I hope to do the same in a not too far future man:)
See you soon on Artorder!!

Gustavo said...

Congratz! Matte painting is the way to go man!