May 24, 2009

The Usual Suspects

Hi! This one was about creating concepts in the form of silhouettes. This is some of the brief: "... the only parameters - 4 characters, one for each role, silhouettes only - everything else is up to you".

The roles for the characters were:

Defender - highest defense and good close up offense;

Stryker - high amounts of damage to a single target;

Controller - deals with large numbers of enemies at the same time;

Leader - leaders inspire.

Hope you can guess who is who!



Marco Caradonna said...

OOOhhhh, after all you're still alive!
How're you my friend?
Nice to see you again on these pages
I like a lot your Controller(and his shield:)
I can't wait to see other entries i'm very curious
Cheers from Italian Werevolf in London

Marco Caradonna said...

I'm trying to guess:
from left to right
leader defender controller striker
Am i right?

Ren Moraes said...

. . .

I guess :

From left to right

Controller, Striker, Defender, LeaderRight ?

Amanda said...

..............não sabe brincar, não desce pro play.

Piya said...

Hey Ricardo! Wonderful stuff you've done here. My guess is leader, defender, controller, striker. I had a lot of fun on this challenge; it looks like you did too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your guesses (and you were right on all of them!) By the way, I thought I left a comment for your dinogloth, but apparently, I had a brain malfunction and didn't. I just wanted to confess I ripped off parts of your creation for mine on that challenge! hehe....

Juampa said...


Amigo, your concepts are really awesome! I think I know who is who ha ha. Your art is better every day Dude!

All the best