March 29, 2009


Hi! This time the concept is of a creature which is called a "Construct". Constructs resemble more wild animals than humanoids, but are made of pieces of gear, iron, blades, armour and also bits of stone and crystal. On this I tried more for the overall feeling of the machinery and scale. Constructs are also Golems, that according to Jewish folklore, are artificial mythical beings, brought to life through magic. According to the stories, having a Golem as a servant was considered as the most elevated symbol of wisdom and sanctity. The tiny figure near the creature was added for a better sense of scale. Speed painting 2H.


Anonymous said...

wow! very nice digital painting!! Some day I will have a wacom......

Fernanda Costa said...

Gostei desse

Fred Studart said...

Really baddass dude!
Nuff said.

Quim Bundó said...

Fantastic ilustration.
Regards from Spain.

Marco said...

Thank you Ricardo!!
i'd like to see you next week on Artorder
I love your Orcus pet;)
Beautiful works in your gallery man
i'' stay tuned!