March 6, 2009

Matte Painting

To contrast with the weather in Rio I created this (first attempt) matte painting. I really had fun doing it, and I guess I`ll invest a little more time on this kind of painting. See ya!


Fred Studart said...

Wow!!! Stunning piece dude!
This is really THE "another level" I was talking about last time!
Now I see that you are really fit to walk among those bastards of the game industry.
Congratulations man, trully!

RenMoraes said...

Great speedpaintings , Master Ricardo !

I can feel the Nicholas "Sparth" Bouvier's influence.

The game projects you are working is related with spaceships , i am right ?

Jörn said...

Man, this is fantastic. The structures and the depth are wonderfull!

bog_art said...

Wow man!.. The background in this one is totally amazing!.. and I still can't understand how you could paint your "Into the Deep" entrance in about three hours.. magnificent work my friend!..

PS: Thanks for your kind words my friend.. they mean a lot to me..

Sergio Melero said...

impressive background, congratulations!!