February 23, 2008


This is a color study for a small illustration. I hope to post the finished piece here soon!! See ya!!


Matias Hyde said...

Hi! Yes, I bet I'm not the only one already waiting for you to post the finished piece. The colour study is great, indeed.

bog_art said...

It looks really good!!.. I would like to see the finished piece.. it remains me matrix, the movie..

Juampa said...

Hi Ricardo!!

Very nice study!! i love all the science fiction stuff and this looks great.

keep on rocking my friend!!!

sc_carol said...

Well well Look! I bet you feel like heaven now that you don't have too many assignments to work on...Ok ok, there's the damn "self assignment" I keep forgeting hehe :) So this is nice, although it's not my favourite topic.
By the way, who's the beautiful model that posed for your recent 'fantasy' studies?? AHAHAHAHAA...just kiddin'
Have lots to talk about with you Master, see ya friday! ;P

Maria said...

Conheço esse cara aí que tú pintou!

Tá sugando os milos deles pelo ouvido?

Lindos desenhos!!! Very nice well so fine...

Rodrigo Lara said...

Continua mandando muito bem, parabens pela ilustração!!!!

Um grande abraço!!!

Alina Chau said...

Nice sci-fi feel!

Rubens Monteiro said...

Very good!! I will wait for the finished art!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Folks:

Mathias: Thanks. Hope to be able to post asap. Almost done!

Bog: It definitely has a Matrix influence. Thanks my friend.

Juampa: Thanks my friend. I'll try to keep rocking, hahaha.

Carol: No heaven for the sinners my angel. THanks and the gorgeous model for my next painting is... hmm, well, better keep it secret by now, hahahaha.

Maria: Fala sério!! Valeu pelo comentário.

Rodrigo: Obrigado cara. Já já postarei a versão final.

Alina: Thanks!!

Rubens: Thanks my friend! Posting the finished piece soon.

Tevik Avakyan said...

Looks very interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Nice color pallete.