April 6, 2008

Digital Painting: Tech

Well, here it goes.. This is the final piece and it's my first digital painting. I really enjoyed to paint this using a Tablet. Hope you also like it!! (This one is for my artist friend Jörn Gebert.)


Joern said...

Wow, Ricardo, this is sooooo great!!! The composition, the metal, the skin color, the reflection ... I don't expect so much quality work after your notice to use a wacom! Are you sure it's your first time?
Btw: you use the tablet like someone who knows brushes in reality, really good!
Thanks and greets my friend

Juampa said...

Dear Friend!

The final result is really extraordinary I love the organic result that you´ve got. Very inspirating my friend!

I think the digital world will be so easy to you!


Artalexis said...

oooohhhh Beatifulll scorsesss...
Super blog.......

Silvio Eberardo said...

My friend,

Nice painting... Very good coloring and reflections. I had a chence to try a tablet last weekend and I like it.



robh said...

looks like traditional painting, which is good. most digital painters you're any good were usually trained traditionally.

Carolsc said...

Ricardo! What the hell!
It looks really cool, I like it!
Soon, I hope to buy my own tablet...by then you'll be the tablet master and will teach me! Hhauahauahuah... ;P
BTW i'm coming to class...
let's see if you can convince me of making my Blog.
See Ya!

Luh said...


I enjoyed it a lot! It became very real, not plastic, like most of digital paintings use to look like.


P.S.: I´m not the weak piece of that class, huh! I´m not the one that speaks at loud all the time and take the others to my condition, huh! Hahahahaha!


sylv1K said...

really beautiful picture ricardo!!the colors and lighting are amazing, congratulation!!

bog_art said...

I agree with Robh.. did paint over your color study?.. great piece my friend!!..

Sergio Melero said...

Strong work, my friend. Impressive drawinwgs and atonhishing use of traditional techniques. I hope see you in mi blog.


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi friends!!

Jörn: Thanks!!! Yes, this is the first time I use a Tablet, and thanks for the push to make me go digital my friend!!

Juampa: Thanks a lot dude!! Hope you're right, but for now, its not THAT easy, hahaha..

ArtAlexis: Thanks my friend!!

Silvio: Thaks my old friend!! Using a Tablet is really great!! Forte abraço!!

Robh: Thanks a lot Robh!! Your words are gold to me. And the traditional training helps reeealy a lot!!

Carol: Haha!! Thanks babe!!(Where's your blog,hahaha!!!!)!

Luh: Thanks!! I'm trying my best to make the paintings look something like real painting (but its hard!). And you're the one that speaks at loud all the time, but its really great to have you on my class!!

Sylv1k: Thanks my friend!!

Bog: Thanks!! Robh's comment is really great. Yes! I scanned the painting and painted over it!!

Sergio: Thanks my friend!! Your blog is amazing and I'm linking mine to yours alright?!!