January 21, 2008

Some Fresh Paint

Remember that (old) post of mine named "Things to Come"? Well, it's finally here. Here's the final version. See ya next painting!!


Daniel García said...

Hola, siento no hablar inglés. He estado navegando de blog en blog hasta que he llegado al tuyo. Me encanta tu trabajo. Sobretodo los dibujos de desnudos. Voy a enlazarte con mis blogs. Un saludo

bog_art said...

I remember it!!.. althoug I thought it was just the girl.. all those stuff animals give a great mood to the composition.. but a kind of pink for my taste.. haha.. we are waiting for the next painting!!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Friends!!

Daniel: No problem my friend!! You can post in Spanish. I understand it perfectly (though I can't write very well). Thanks for the link. I already put one for your blog too!!

Bog: Hahaha!!!! Indeed pink is the dominant tone!! I guess that since my daughter was born (almost two years now) I'm getting an overdose of pinkish colors, haha!! I'ts beginning to affect me!! I guess I must paint a very darkish picture to heal, hahahaha!! Thanks my friend!

bog_art said...

Haha.. yes, everyone have inflences, but it is great yours was your daughter.. I will wait to see the darker one then..

sc_carol said...

Freaky looking rabbit!
well, rabbits were always animals of considerate weirdness throughout storytelling...
There, there, it looks great!
By the way, congrats on passing the UFRJ interview!!
I wasn't THAT surprised you know...
So go on and SCARE the shit out of those students! Since you were never able to scare us anyway!
hahahahaha ;)

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Carol: Hahahahaha!! I agree with everything. Rabbits are wierd indeed!! And I know I don't scare any of you... but at least I try, don't I?? Thanks!!

Rodrigo Lara said...

Bela ilustração Ricardo, ótima composição de cores, está de parabéns!!!!!

Um grande Abraço!!!

sc_Carol said...

Seeeeeee....told you so!!
Fundão que o aguarde né Ricardo??
Not surprised at all...

Fe.Silverio 013 said...

cara, seus tracos sao demais! tem leveza e poder!


trabalho fantastico!
Fe 013

Juampa said...


Don´t worry about the pink! ;) the expression of the girl and the composition of the toys are pretty good.
It´s a pretty nice illustration, as allways dude.

See you in the nex post!

Thiago Grusmão said...

Essa pintura fico muito legal!!!
Gostei dos estudos a anatomia =p

Vai dar aula la no fundão mesmo?

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Friends!!

Rodrigo: muito obrigado!! Seu blog é fantastico também!

Carol: Thanks again babe!

Fe Silvério: Obrigado mesmo cara!!

Juampa: Thanks dude! The composition was the hard part. I'm glad you liked it!!

Thiago: Valeu cara!! Vou dar aula no Fundão sim. Prepare-se!!!

stranded said...

It's soooo cuteeeee!! :) very nice, all your works!!

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great work, adorable!

Helen Righi said...

E ai professor!!!
adorei essa pintura!!!
muito legal.. um dia eu chego la.. hehe