February 16, 2010

Norse Warrior

Hi folks! This is a really busy year as I'm now working as a full time illustrator and concept artist at a local game company. This one is a quick concept sketch I did. I hope you all enjoy! Best and hope to post more soon!!


Jörn said...

Wow, Ricardo, how heroic and evil:) Great scene, looks so hot. Hope to see your work more often:) Greetings

Fred Studart said...

Damn, this looks awesome! Badass warrior bro. The light effects are awesome, specially on the axe.
And this rough "painterly" look you gave only adds brutality to the scene.
I really agree with Jörn, it looks so goddamn epic and heroic that it almost makes me puke from pure awesomeness! I suggest you should stop doing this kind of stuff and start doing little baby's cute art. It fits more your personality. hehehe

Cheers mate!

Carol said...

Hey master, its been a long long time! So, its been a while since you put something new here... Ive been checking! hehehehe... so how are things at the job?
Im almost finishing college now! Wanna go back and do some digital stuff but ive been waiting for some precious time to play around.

Good to see your paintings again!
Hugs and Kisses, Carol

bog_art said...

Hey my good friend!.. it is great you are working now in the games industry! I have been really busy too, so that is the reason why I haven't have time to visit you (I had also a purpose of a game company here also).. I am amazed for your new artworks.. I love your last post "Eladrin".. congratulations and see you around!..

BELMAR said...

:) wow!