August 25, 2009

ArtBloom Feature

Hi Friends!
My artwork (and a few words about me ;)) has just been showcased on the wonderful "ArtBloom- A Showcase of Artistic Evolution". The concept of ArtBloom is a very good one: to show the evolution of creators in order to inspire those who are just beginning their careers.
I'm really excited to be part of it!! Go check it @: .


Amanda said...

Esse cara tá mto famoso!

Fred Studart said...

Não aguento mais esse tal Sr. Ricardo toda hora aparecendo em revistas e sites.
Ele vai acabar falindo se continuar a ficar pagando pra sair nessas publicações!!!!

Muito merecido grande mestre!

Juampa said...


Congratulations!! These are very good news!
They are really lucky to have the chance of count with your stuff.

All the best Ricardo!!.

stranded said...

hello hello! I've seen the post in artbloom! congrats man! it looks very good, I think you did a good job selecting the images for inspiration!
very good works in your blog as well, as always!