August 27, 2008

Head Study

Hi there! This is a digital painting I did based on an old oil study (see blog banner). I tried to finish it within 1 hour at the most so I could concentrate on design and brushstroke shapes without getting too much into detail and not polishing too much. All the best!


belinha said...

Muito bom!!!És um às da pintura digital!;-)

Fred Studart said...

That’s FREAKING awesome!
That's what I call a good painting! Powerful brushstrokes, strong colors and smart minimalism!
Looks easy, looks confident and you made it quickly.
What else do you want?!
Congratulations dude!

Old Bones . . . said...

Man that is incredible, I love the feeling you got into it with in just an hour, I have you bookmarked to check on more work in the future, If you get a chance I would love your help on a school assignment I have a blog up at:, thanks again for sharing your work!

stranded said...

Cool! I love his expression! :)