February 21, 2011

Cool References to Draw From!!

I recently stumbled across artist-reference.com, which is a cool site with photo references and reviews - great for every 3d/cg artist. It's pretty sweet, so I think you should check it out.

Go and try for yourself - image reference!

April 25, 2010



Here's the last one I made. Tried new tools and effects that I will definitely incorporate on my workflow. Hope you enjoy it!! Personal piece. Photoshop.

February 16, 2010

Norse Warrior

Hi folks! This is a really busy year as I'm now working as a full time illustrator and concept artist at a local game company. This one is a quick concept sketch I did. I hope you all enjoy! Best and hope to post more soon!!

November 15, 2009

Eladrin Sketch

Hey everyone!

I'm back from the dead! Been really busy these days with lots of assignments.

Most of which I still can't post here.

I'll post this sketch of an Elf I did a while ago.

Expect some new stuff coming soon. See ya!

August 25, 2009

ArtBloom Feature

Hi Friends!
My artwork (and a few words about me ;)) has just been showcased on the wonderful "ArtBloom- A Showcase of Artistic Evolution". The concept of ArtBloom is a very good one: to show the evolution of creators in order to inspire those who are just beginning their careers.
I'm really excited to be part of it!! Go check it @: http://artbloom.net/ .

August 23, 2009


Hi! I'm here to announce that I had an illustration selected for inclusion on "EXOTIQUE 5: THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CG CHARACTERS" from Ballistic Publishing! It will be published next October and I'm trully honoured to be part of this prestigious annual since the selection process is so hard. Hope you like when you see it!

August 8, 2009


Hi! I know it's been a long time since my last illustration here. Been working and studying a lot... This one was my first attempt to model on my own an object on a 3D software. It's been lot of fun and I really learned a lot during the process!!! Hope you enjoy! Best!!

August 7, 2009

Pós Graduação em Arte 3d para Jogos Digitais

Prezados amigos, terá início no dia 19 de Setembro o curso de Pós Graduação em Arte 3D para Jogos Digitais. O quadro de professores conta com profissionais de primeira linha, atuantes no mercado de jogos no Brasil e no exterior.

O curso é voltado para graduados em diversas áreas que desejam atuar no mercado de Games como produtores de arte digital 3D.

Palestra inaugural: dia 19 de Setembro.

Maiores informações no link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rio-De-Janeiro-Brazil/Pos-Graduacao-em-Arte-3D-para-Jogos-Digitais/208363880430

May 24, 2009

The Usual Suspects

Hi! This one was about creating concepts in the form of silhouettes. This is some of the brief: "... the only parameters - 4 characters, one for each role, silhouettes only - everything else is up to you".

The roles for the characters were:

Defender - highest defense and good close up offense;

Stryker - high amounts of damage to a single target;

Controller - deals with large numbers of enemies at the same time;

Leader - leaders inspire.

Hope you can guess who is who!


April 11, 2009

Undead Demon Dinosaur

The idea was to create an Undead Demon Dinosaur. Yep, this was a very strange week!! Hope you enjoy!!